Gearbox Tunnel Mesh Page

The GRP area around the gearbox forward of the gearstick has a wire mesh cover to it.

This is earthed to the chassis and provides a Faraday Cage, thereby preventing electrical interfence from (it's thought) the engine.

Most likely the interference is derived from the speed sensor on the gearbox itself that provides an electronic square wave signal to the EEC and speedometer.

The original mesh was bonded (not very successfully) to the GRP area covering the gearbox, the mesh used was flimsy and easily broken.

The mesh on this car was all but totally destroyed so I replaced it with something a little more substantial.

This page shows how I went about it.

The new mesh is readily available from ebay, I got a 1m square piece for around £6

This was the old mesh.

Needs to be scraped off.

Cut out the first shape. (the section forward of the gearstick)

I used some brown paper initially to get the shape just so before I went at the mesh with tin snips

Apply some contact adhesive over the area and again over the cut out section of mesh and leave for 10 minutes.

Carefully lay a section over the area and press down into the recesses. A wallpaper roller is really useful for this.

Do the same for the two side pieces.

Crimp a ring connector onto a length of black (earth) wire and with a small set screw, nut and a couple of washers attach to the mesh and take the other end to a suitable ground (preferably the chassis)

Check electrical continuity with a meter from all three sections to earth.

And that's it. About 2 hours inc. tea breaks..