The TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)


The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) provides indications of a number of engine states, these are:-

The device is a three wire potentiometer with a 5v reference voltage supplied to the resistance track and the other end connected to the sensor earth return.

The third wire connects to the wiper arm and so varies the resistance returning a variable voltage back to the EEC.

From these data the EEC is able to calculate the idle position, full load and also the rate at which the throttle is being opened and closed. During the closed throttle operation and when the engine exceeds a certain rpm the EEC can cut off the fuel injection for a period and reintroduce it when the engine speed drops to idle or the throttle is opened.

In the 2.9 V6 engines the two air inlets are syncronised by a single shaft passing through the inlets and attached to the TPS.


TPS Tables

Adjustments and Care

Clean the throttle plate and surrounding areas with carburettor cleaner. Blowby from the breather system often causes sticking.

The throttle position is critical and normally should not be disturbed

Where Adjustment s Required

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