The TVR S3 used the Ford Cologne 2.9 Lt V6 engine in the BRE (?) ignition and control configuration.

The Electronic Engine Control unit (EEC version IV) was a generic Engine Management System (EMS) fitted to all Ford cars that utilised electronically controlled Multi-Point fuel-injected engines. (Witha few exceptions such as the Cosworth powered cars the Probe and the Galaxy people carrier)

Whilst all the Ford EEC's tend to look the same there are a number of variations; specifically around external connectors and internal operation. Also the various models relied of equally various sensors to provide data.

The following is specific to the EEC fitted to my car (a 1991 S3). Originally the injection functtion of the EEC IV system was based on a combination of the well tried Bosch 'L' Jetreonic system and a vane type Air Flow Sensor (AFS). A 60 pin connector and multi-plug connects the EEC to the relevant sensors, actuators and battery supply.

The main sensors attached to the EEC are:-

EEC IV outputs to actuators are:-

The EEC IV also provides a diagnostic output to a Diagnostic Plug and a simple jumper plug method for electronically adjusting the engine timing based on the fuel octane rating.Commonly called the Octane Plug.