Electrical Schematics and Photographs Page


For Information on the EEC IV follow this link

The S3 Wiring diagram at the back of Steve Heath's 'Bible' is quite difficult to read.

Other automobile wiring diagrams I've seen have been somewhat modularised in terms of picking out electrical sections,

for example interior lighting, horns etc.

With that in mind I've redrawn some of the circuits individually.

Full Circuit Diagram (Excluding injection systems and Speedometer)

Full Engine Bay Circuit Diagram

General Lighting

Dashboard Switches

Engine Cooling Fan

Heater Blower

Indicators -Horns - Side Lights

Instrumentation Lighting – Head Lights - Side Lights - Number Plate Lights

Horns - Doors - Side and Headlight Switches

Ignition Switch Connections During Key Turn

Window Lifter Circuitry

Door Mirrors

Dashboard Clocks - Photographs