Door Mirror Page


The door mirrors on most S3's are electrically operated through a selector switch and actuator toggle switch mounted on the dashboard.

Details of the switching circuitry are on this page

Firstly, the door mirrors do have a heating element. There were also two cables (both black) running into the mirror housing.

On most cars the door mirror heater comes on with the rear window heater. Clearly not a feature on a car that has a plastic rear window.

Initial thoughts were to leave alone but the rebuild was always done on the principle of making the car better than when it came

out of the factory so I thought I would put a switch in and turn the heaters on.

Well, not quite that simple. Click here for information.

Mirror Movement

The mirror is moved by two motors located in the mirror housing. The motors drive a rack and pinion gearing system.

Door Mirror Motors

Click on image to toggle size.

The 2 motors are fed by 3 cables and, with the 2 cables needed for the mirror heater are connected to the main loom

through a 5 pin plug and socket.

Door mirror plug Door Socket 2

As with most car DC motors, reversing the polarity of the 12 volts reverses the direction of the motor.

Positioning the movement joystick at NE - SE - SW and NW will move both motors at the same time but the movement is laboured.

Circuit Diagrams are here.

Mirror Heater Repair

Getting the mirrors off without breaking them requires patience. Don't be tempted to use any hard tools, fingers are best.

Using your hands will focus your attention on being careful as, if the glass does break, there's a good chance of being cut.

Mine came off ok, mostly due to the doubled sided tape being in a poor state.

On cleaning off the old tape I noticed that some of the thin copper matrix had broken and was open circuit across the two terminals.

It is possible to repair these breaks by carefully soldering a few strands of copper wire across the gap.

Mirror Heater Matrix 2Mirror Heater Matrix 1Mirror Heater Matrix 3

Both needed attention and both heated up with 12v applied.