Rub Down and Repairs Page


This page is all about the work that was done on the body shell.

There were quite a few areas with gel cracks, especially the bonnet, and I'll try to capture the work involved and how I did it.

It's fair to say I had no prior exerience with repairing GRP so it was a question of learning from scratch or rather from books.

The literature used was:-

1. Steve Heath's 'Bible'

2. "How to restore fibre glass bodywork" by Miles Wilkins.

This small, but extremely useful book was bought through Ebay at £60 (That's right £60!: It's quite rare, apparently)

The one thing I was very wary about was taking a powerful angle grinder, albeit with a sanding disk rather than a grindstone, to the paintwork.

The one tip here, and it's common sense really, is to have a touch like a mid-wife and be very gentle.

Heavy pressue will, even with a sanding disk, rip straight through the paint, undercoat, primer, gel coat and mat in an instant; so watch out!

Gel cracks are cause by stress and usually appear where the body shell has areas of high impact around doors, boot lids and where one might push down on the bonnet.

There were two cracks on my bonnet that lined up perfectly with the terminals on the battery, obviously indicating that it was a little tight between the battery terminals and the underside.

A typical radial crack and the boundary edge of the feathered back area is shown below.

The grind area is about 25 to 50mm beyond the outmost point of the crack.